GCL’s horizontal single-axis trackers are designed with advanced tracking algorithms, allowing our modules to replicate the apparent motions of the sun throughout the day. The trackers are aligned north to south while rotating east to west direction, which increases exposure to sunlight and therefore produces more power output.

Product Features

  • Increased Profit
    Compared to fixed-tilt trackers, GCL’s Horizontal Single-Axis Trackers have the ability to increase power output by 10 to 15%, helping investors increase profit at power plants while shortening the payback period.
  • Reliable and Stable
    We manufacture our trackers with the world’s leading slew drive to position modules towards the sun
  • Wind Resistance
    Our high performance tracking system works under 18 miles per second wind speed and automatically go into stow position to protect models in windy environments.
  • Easy Installation
    GCL’s simple structural design means fewer assembly parts, reducing setup time and costs.
  • Versatile Functionality
    Horizontal Single-Axis Trackers are scalable for both commercial and residential use, including on ground stations, rooftops, solar aquaculture, solar farming, and stock breeding projects.

Standard Tracking

Accurately follows the solar azimuth according to GPS systems and movement of the sun.


By analyzing the movement of the sun, our trackers avoid casting shadows, maximizing the total power being collected.

Rainwater Cleaning

Manually rotate modules from -45° to +45° to rinse modules with rainwater.

Rain & Snow Protection

Remotely control and adjust tracker’s angle to protect modules from snow and hailstones.

Strong Wind Protection

The control system automatically adjusts the tracker’s angle to reduce strong wind pressures over 18 miles per second.


Floating PV Power Plant for Fishpond

Concrete Rooftop

PV Power Plant for Agricultural Greenhouse



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