On the morning of Nov. 6, 2015, Nur Bekri, Director of the National Energy Administration, made a special visit to GCL-SI at GCL Energy Center in Suzhou Industrial Park during his trip to the International Forum of Energy Transitions 2015 at Suzhou.

To leaders including Nur Bekri, Zhu Gongshan (Chairman of GCL), Zhu Yufeng (Standing Deputy President of GCL) and Shu Hua (Chairman of GCL-SI) introduced the latest fruits of GCL-SI’s transformation and upgrade, and the development of the comprehensive one-stop energy solutions. Hearing the news that new “GCL Jin’gang” modules could increase the conversion efficiency by 10%, Nur Bekri praised the significance of this product in regard of reducing the cost of PV power generation. When he saw the “GCL-SI Sunshine” residential intelligent PV generation system, Mr. Bekri said that it was worthwhile to promote the system across China, particularly in rural areas.

Meanwhile, GCL-SI’s horizontal single axis tracking system, container-type energy storage system, floating energy plant, “GCL Green Towns” comprehensive energy solutions for rural areas and “GCL Smart Cities” IoE solutions deeply impressed the visitors led by Director Nur Bekri. These are all technological breakthroughs that increase the rate of comprehensive energy utilization and lower carbon emission.

Director Nur Bekri also pointed out that GCL-SI was a genuine leader in the Chinese PV market, since GCL-SI really outran other new energy companies in the field of conceptual innovation, mode innovation and technical innovation. Mr. Baikeli also expected that GCL-SI could uphold the flag of innovation and development, and lead the transformation and upgrade of the Chinese PV industry. To the PV industry, the core of development is reducing the cost of power generation. With successful practices, GCL-SI shows us a better way of improving conversion efficiency: scientific innovation. From GCL-SI’s comprehensive energy solutions, we see the approaching of economical grid-connected PV power!