Intelligent AC Charger

  • Output Voltage: 220 VAC +/-10%

  • Output Power: 7 kW

  • Protection Level: IP55

Product Features

  • Four modes are for your option, including charging by appointment, by time, by, amount of electricity, and auto-charging (until fully charged); the color LED touch screen serves as HMI
  • Display the charging mode, time, amount of electricity and billing information during the process
  • The RS485/Modbus communication interface provides sound communicating function, able to upload the operating status of DC EV Charger, monitor the fault information, charging status and receive remote-control operations
  • Set the card-swiping interface and support common means such as RFID and IC cards
  • Excellent performance of stability, reliability, environment-friendly & energy-saving, Equipped with flame-resistant materials
  • Compliant with: GB/T18487.1-2015; NB/T33001-2010; NB/T 33008.1-2013 Test requirement
  • Strong electrical safety design with no live parts exposed to users



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