The promotion of “The Belt and Road Initiative” overall strategy and the implementation of the international capacity cooperation plan create a sound environment for the development of Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in “expanding international markets in groups”, to fit themselves into the new development system of the global economy and to participate in the international industrial specialization. On Oct. 14, a survey team led by Shu Hua, Vice Chairman of GCL and Chairman of GCL-SI, Zou Xiyuan, Executive President of GCL-SI and Liu Qian, Vice President of GCL New Energy, visited India, together with the Representative Team of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises of Chinese Infrastructure (Energy).

On Oct. 15, GCL Vice Chairman Shu Hua visited the minister of Ministry of Power of India in the morning, and met Prime Minister of India in the afternoon to discuss investment and development in India. They discussed in depth the cooperation on PV industrial parks, smart cities, petroleum and gas resources, LPG stations, gas power generation and energy infrastructure. Then, the team, together with enterprises such as State Power Investment Corporation, SANY and TBEA, took part in the local press briefing. According to a report, the Indian government aims at increasing the generation capacity of green energy from 37 GW to 175 GW by 2020 with the estimated cost of USD 200 billion. During the visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was searching for clean energy solutions to serious pollution in India.