On Sept. 23, the 9th Renewable Energy India 2015 Expo started at New Delhi, India. Greatly supported by the Indian government, the expo is the largest international expo of renewable energy in India, or even in South Asia. Owning to “The Belt and Road Initiative” of China and the great support of GCL, GCL-SI led a team of GCL-Poly and GCL New Energy to the expo.

GCL-SI has contracted several deals about the sales of PV modules and system integration packages, project design & development, and comprehensive energy solutions.

Unlike previous expos focusing on PV modules only, this expo witnessed great attention to BOS and comprehensive energy solutions. During the expo, GCL-SI actively promoted “The Belt and Road Initiative” of China to its clients, and especially introduced its solutions of smart energy cities, “GCL-SI Sunshine” efficient PV power generation systems, efficient PERC cells and HJT efficient dual-glass modules. Moreover, GCL-SI strengthened the clients’ faith on the GCL’s plan of developing the Indian new energy market with its schemes of industrial parks in India.

As shown in Indian clients’ feedback, Indian producers of solar modules are expanding their production capacity and Chinese enterprises are accelerating their pace of building factories in India; at the meantime, investment from various parties into the PV industry will support future improvement of the Indian PV industrial chain. All these are great advantages for GCL to develop industrial parks and comprehensive smart energy cities in India.