GCL New Energy (GNE or “the Company”), a subsidiary of the world’s leading clean energy conglomerate GCL Group heeds the call of the Chinese government to work towards photovoltaic poverty alleviation. By June 30, 2018, GNE will finish constructing 1,290MW worth of solar power stations that will help to lift 37,935 households out of poverty, an achievement topping all its industry peers. In addition, the Company will earmark RMB2.07 billion for poverty alleviation over the next 20 years.


PV poverty alleviation is a strategy for fighting poverty first invented in China, and is one of the ten major precision poverty alleviation endeavors endorsed by the Chinese government. GNE has installed distributed photovoltaic power generation systems for poor households in counties that meet the support criteria. Those households saw their income increased by directly selling electricity to the grid, ensuring that the financial benefits were precisely targeted and transforming the projects of poverty alleviation from one of capital transfers to one of capital generation.


Zhu Yufeng, Vice Chairman of GCL Group, said: “Since its inception 28 years ago, GCL has been dedicated to the mission of continuously improving the environment for all people, and to meeting its obligations as a responsible corporate citizen. Our PV poverty alleviation projects allow us to leverage our position as a world leader in clean energy generation to improve the lives of people all across China.”


GNE’s high quality products made its poverty alleviation projects an industry benchmark alongside other groundbreaking strategies such as developing agriculture through science and technology, and industrial growth in poverty regions. Most importantly, these projects have directly benefited poverty-stricken villages and families.


The contributions made by GCL Group and its affiliates in the social charity field is extensive. GCL has carried out and participated in over 100 public charity projects over the years and donated RMB210 million to various efforts such as education, environmental protection, and natural disaster relief.




About GCL New Energy


GCL New Energy Holding Limited (GCL New Energy) (Stock Code: 451.HK), is part of the GOLDEN CONCORD Group (GCL). GCL New Energy is a world-leading new energy company with its primary business in solar power plant development, construction and operation.