On the afternoon of Sept. 8, the China Smart Photovoltaic Industry Alliance (“CSPIA”) was established in Beijing. Shi Dinghuan, Consultant of the State Council was elected as Honorary Chairman, Shu Hua, Chairman of GCL-SI (002506 SZ), was elected as Chairman of the Alliance and some experts were engaged, including Wang Bohua, Secretary General of China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance. CSPIA was founded with the support of China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, to promote the idea of “smart PV systems”. Following the principles of “collaborative innovation, regulation & standardization and pioneering industrial upgrade”, CSPIA aims at building an industrial win-win platform that supports cooperation among industries, universities, research centers, manufacturers, financial institutes and users, at truly implementing the independent innovation strategy of China, and at promoting share of resources, mutual benefit, collaboration, innovation and win-win cooperation among its members. The ultimate goal is to make greater contribution to the champion of energy reformation and the development of the PV industry!