Net-zero-carbon Material Smart Manufacturing

GCL has advanced in the development of silicon energies, semiconductors and Li-battery materials, and boasts of a series of subversive and cutting-edge technologies for the carbon-neutral industry, including but not limited to granular silicon, perovskite, semiconductor materials, and cathode materials.


FBR Granular Silicon of GCL

GCL Tech’s commitment to research over the past decade has paid off with the successful development of GCL-FBR granular silicon, and entered the era of “systemization, standardization, digitization, integration, intelligence and modularization”, making replication possible. GCL Tech plans to set up granular silicon manufacturing bases in Jiangsu, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, thus forming a “three-legged” industrial landscape. The planned capacity of FBR granular silicon is 700000t.


147 Patents


4 International standards (SEMI)


The single conversion efficiency reached 99%, capable of meeting demands from N-type monocrystal silicon


CCF and PCF certified by Chinese and French authorized institutions, setting the record of lowest carbon footprint in the world


389000t CO2 emission reduced by per 10000 tons of granular silicone


Cost reduced in downstream applications through speeding up the CCZ technical upgrade in the application end


Next-generation PV Technology——Perovskite

Kunshan GCL Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. independently developed large size perovskite PV modules, built a 100MW perovskite module mass production line with the largest area in the world (2 m^2) and the highest certified efficiency, and become the enterprise exclusively obtained commercial certification for perovskite module products in the world. By virtue of the core technologies and industrial advantages in perovskite PV modules, our company has attracted the investments from Temasek, Sequoia Capital, IDG China and Tencent, etc.


Features of GCL Perovskite PV Modules

Large Dimension



High Efficiency


The large-dimension modules have raised the efficiency to 18%

Low Energy Consumption


The synthesis temperature is below 100°C

Low Cost


Manufacturing cost is reduced to about 50% of that of crystalline silicon modules

Semiconductor Materials

The world's leading producer of electronic grade polysilicon

With the support of China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, GCL has deployed the IC material industry based on its R&D and manufacturing advantages in the field of silicon materials. Thanks to the efforts of its R&D and innovation centers in China and the United States, it is moving towards the R&D and manufacturing base of polysilicon and large silicon wafers for IC and supporting industries.

Lithium Battery Materials

To cater for the growth demand of the energy storage market and implement the mobile energy and PV power and energy storage strategies, GCL is actively exploring in the lithium ore and lithium salt, and producing anode and cathode materials, to firmly control the development of the new energy industry at the material end. We are promoting the development of the mobile energy and energy storage industry through OEM of batteries and packs. Finally, we will employ the lithium recycling technology to recover the lithium battery materials for recycling, to ultimately form a closed loop of the industry.

Mobile Energy GCL ENERGY HUB

Power-driven computing power to help the transportation sector shift to zero carbon

GCL ET focuses on computing power, advanced manufacturing, and mobile energy storage, with electricity as the core, and shaping the mobile ecology based on the vehicle strategies. It has built a sub-brand for mobile energy, namely, GCL ENERGY HUB, and innovated in the “electric power + storage + computing” integration operation pattern. Under this pattern, electric power drives the computing power, which then promotes the productivity, enabling industry integration and creating a new digital energy pattern. More than that, GCL ET has established a mobile digital energy operation platform, encompassing the energy flow, information flow, capital flow, user flow, vehicle flow and cargo flow, with the purpose of driving a new net-zero-carbon transportation ecology with smart energies.

Natural Gas

GCL New Energy made its debut in the clean energy industry by investing in GCL-Poly's Ethiopia Djibouti natural gas project in East Africa. To actively respond to the "Belt and Road Initiative” and with the support from Chinese and Ethiopian governments, GCL’s natural gas business is based on the natural gas resources in the Ogaden Basin in Ethiopia and relies on the terminals in China, covering natural gas exploration, development, production, storage, transportation and processing, trade and sales, and terminal utilization. In this way, it has laid a solid foundation for the realization of oil and gas resource development, energy substitution and foreign exchange generation, and the gas, trade and electricity integrated development goal of GCL.