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Integrated Industrial Chain

GCL has built the silicon energy industry chain globally, and further deployed the intelligent manufacturing bases for granular silicon, wafers, cells and modules to promote PV as an indispensable eco-value co-constructor in the carbon neutrality system.

FBR Granular Silicon

GCL Tech's commitment to research over the past decade has paid off with the successful development of GCL-FBR granular silicon, and entered the era of “systemization, standardization, digitization, integration, intelligence and modularization”, making replication possible.


147 Patents

4 International standards (SEMI)

389000t CO2 emission reduced by per 10000 tons

45% Emission reduced in PV industry


Silicon wafer products made from granular silicon with high quality and low carbon emission are at the forefront of the industry in terms of carbon footprint performance, helping downstream industries to lower their carbon emissions and enhance their overseas competitiveness

Interstitial oxygen content ≤16ppma

Substitutional carbon content ≤ 1ppma

Dislocation density
≤ 500cm

Surface crystal orientation
< 100> ±3°


N-type cell technology has huge development potential. It is the core technology route for GCL. In 2023, GCLSI Wuhu N-Type cell factory phase 1 of 20GW gets commissioned.

High efficiency

High reliability

High power yield



As the world-class crystalline silicon module manufacturer, GCLSI dedicates on the research and development of high efficiency module for all application scenarios. Products have passed comprehensive inspection and rigorous testing.

Passed weather resistance tests

Class A anti-fire level

Performance warranty: 25~30 years

Excellent anti PID performance


Kunshan GCL Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. independently developed largesize perovskite PV modules, built a 100MW perovskite module mass production line with the largest area in the world (2 m^2) and the highest certified efficiency, and become the enterprise exclusively obtained commercial certification for perovskite module products in the world.

Large Dimension:


High Efficiency:

The large-dimension modules have raised the efficiency to 18%

Low Energy Consumption:

Carbon emission is reduced by more than 90%

Low Cost:

Manufacturing cost is reduced to about 50% of that of crystalline silicon modules


GCLSI has provided EPC service to up to 4GW of solar plants including utility scale solar plant, commercial solar plant (rooftop), floating solar plant, agricultural photovoltaic complementation plant, fishery photovoltaic complementation plant, PV+ESS.

Ground-mounted Power Plant

Comerical & Industrial Power Plant

Residential Power Plant

Composite Power Plant


Relying on "IoT + big data" technology and driven by both management services and data services, GCL aims to build the most specialized, the most growing and the most competitive "data + management" technology service provider in the comprehensive energy field.

Leading operation experience in the industry

Intellectualization driven by technology

Coverage of comprehensive energy businesses

Multiple industry-leading qualification certifications and IPs