GCLSI 20GW N-type High-efficiency Cell Factory Starts Production


The ambitious project signifies a major step towards the creation of a fully integrated photovoltaic industrialchain


Wuhu, China, July 28th, 2023 / On July 28, GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. ("GCLSI" or "the Company") formally launched the first phase (10GW) of their 20GW N-type high-efficiency cell manufacturing project, based in Wanzhi district, Wuhu, China. The new facility vastly expands the Company's footprint in N-type cells while bolstering cell production capacity at the Hefei and Funing module manufacturing sites. Full production capacity is on target to be reached in the fourth quarter of this year.


The agreement to build the 1.12-billion-dollar facility was inked in October 2022. Construction commenced in February of this year, with it only taking five months to witness the first batch of cells coming off production lines. Leveraging the latest N-type high-efficiency cell technology, and deploying the world's most advanced automated cell production equipment, GCLSI aims to build a large-scale, fully digital and intelligent high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cell research and development (R&D) and manufacturing base.


The Wuhu plant complements and vastly strengthens the existing supply chain, adding needed scalability. The speed at which the facility was built – five months – reflects the company’s approach to building its manufacturing portfolio. With production currently underway, output will be gradually ramped up until full capacity is reached in the fourth quarter. The Wuhu initiative acts as a cornerstone for GCLSI to enhance its competitive leverage in the industrial chain for N-type modules, positioning it as an influential frontrunner and innovator in the latest generation of PV technology.


Following a restructuring of the module production portfolio, GCLSI has now embarked on an expansion phase of itscell and module production capacity. Following completion of the Wuhu facility, N-type high-efficiency cell will account for 87% of its cell production capacity, an impressive ratio in comparison to its peers. The project also demonstrates that the Company, backed by its parent GCL Group, has evolved into a fully enclosed PV industrial chain spanning silicon materials, wafer and cell production to module manufacturing and energy storage system integration, positioning it as a vertically cohesive company at the forefront of the industry.


GCLSI is also actively engaged in the R&D of large-scale N-type modules, with its N-type modules boasting efficiency exceeding 22%.


Focusing on low-carbon, intelligent solar photovoltaic storage solutions, GCL System Integration leverages a competitive edge in cell, module, energy storage, and system integration through a strategy of diversified and differentiated product offerings. Utilizing the Wuhu project as a launchpad, the company is poised to expedite mass production, enhance product upgrades, reinforce quality control, expand distribution channels, and bolster customer service. All these efforts are directed towards establishing a substantial, digital, smart, and eco-friendly base for research and development as well as manufacturing.