GCLSI Executive Attends World Solar Energy Forum, Sharing Trends that Push Solar Innovation


Hermosillo, Sonora, Nov. 03, 2023/ Enrique García Ferreiro, Sales Head of LATAM and Iberia of GCL System Integration (GCLSI), was among the industry insiders and experts that took center stage at the second edition of World Solar Energy Forum, a premier platform gathering innovative and forward-looking minds and ideas that help push the transformation of future energy systems.


At the event, the executive spoke to the audience about the current and emerging trends in the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules, shedding light on key technological innovations that address the key challenges of today and tomorrow, as well as GCLSI’s role in empowering the evolution of the new energy sector with its state-of-the-art solutions.


The Mexican government has been revving up its effort to propel the development of renewables in recent years, doubling down its commitment to accelerating its green transition with the Sonora Plan which will see the country greatly boosting the solar capacity in the northern state. Against this backdrop, the city of Hermosillo, the capital of the Sonora state, launched the World Solar Energy Forum, creating an engaging space designed to foster dialogue, collaboration, and innovation within the global energy community.


“GCL, parent group of GCLSI, is one of two fully integrated companies in the world capable of manufacturing products spanning from silicon to solar modules. A key player in clean energy with the aim to reshape future solar solutions and eight years of experience in Mexico, we offer solutions to the DG market and are well-positioned to lead the market for the next 30 years. As supply chain traceability has become an industry norm, the vertical integration of GCLSI, which means that we can provide full information on the provenance of its products and components, makes us an optimal partner. Besides this, the FBR technology from GCL group could contribute to reduce the carbon emissions during the manufacture process for the entire PV industry. In addition, GCL is leading on perovskite development in this industry, which is considered as the next generation design on PV module with an estimated efficiency around 40%.” said Ferreiro in a speech that showcased GCLSI’ technological prowess and the Company’s confidence in facilitating Mexico and beyond to achieve their ambitious energy targets.


During the forum, Team GCLSI also had a meeting with Grupo Encanto División Solar, one of the local distributors, to talk about future collaboration on local solar schemes. Grupo Encanto División Solar was founded more than 80 years ago and has a long history of growing its wholesale business throughout the nation. The two teams enjoyed a pleasant conversation over the development of the local solar market.


As per data of IEA, Solar PV's capacity is set to surpass natural gas by 2026 and coal by 2027, but new policies focused on industry sustainability mean that the sector is increasingly prioritizing supply chain transparency. GCLSI remains committed to its technology-centric approach, localizing its products with full traceability to empower the world to achieve the net-zero goal and address regional needs.