GCL SI changes the industry game with a totally transparent and controlled, decarbonized manufacturing


GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL SI), a one-stop energy solution provider for intelligent energy systems, participated as Platinum Sponsor in the 11th edition of the Solar Finance and Investment Europe Summit in London. The event, which took place in London on 31st January and 1st February, gathered funds, banks, developers, utilities, governments, and industries across Europe and the UK to discuss how to reach Net Zero in Europe by 2025. GCL SI, fully committed to attaining the renewable energy goals defined by the European Commission, the individual nations, and the UK Government, has a strong presence at the summit.


In its quest to net zero carbon emission, the company explains how its approach, methodology and technology have driven it to be the Global Leader in manufacturing decarburization. Jimmy Richards, Senior Key Account Manager responsible for the growth of GCL SI in the UK, gave a meaningful and outstanding presentation for all attendees on day one. He illustrated the company's vertically integrated value chain manufacturing that goes from the silicon to the modules. This feature ensures complete control of the panel manufacturing, from the raw material to the end product. Jimmy also presented GCL Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) technology for granular silicon. FBR saves 80% energy consumption compared to the Siemens rod-silicon methodology. GCL has an annual FBR production of 400.000 TM.

GCL SI Sustainability Head Mansha Marwah supported and expanded the company's clear commitment to Net-Zero by participating in the panel "ESG, Commerciality and Sustainability Regulation" on day one. Her consolidated expertise in sustainability and experience working with top European energy lobbying groups, solar associations, and key partner organisations make the panel a total learning experience.


Jimmy Richards, GCL SI utility market key leader at GCL SI played a vital role in the panel "The United Kingdom's Ambition for a 70GW Solar Market" on day one. His evaluation of the new implications and challenges that the UK solar market will encounter to meet the new governmental target to increase solar capacity by nearly fivefold by 2035 gave bread for thought to all attendees who left the panel with a clear perspective of the current and close and middle term energy framework in Great Brain.


Last but not least, Stavros Tsirigotakis, GLC SI, Key Account Manager for Greece, contributed to the success of the Day 2 panel "Insights into Greece's Solar Market and 2023 Solar & Storage Tender Allocations." Stavros stood out when he commented on the specifics of the regulatory environment, the upcoming announcement of the Greek Ministry of Energy, grid constrains as the main drivers behind the co-location of storage and PV. Stavros communicated his views on the necessary solutions to overcome the existing and future challenges in the Greek market.


GCL SI made clear its commitment to fostering and developing renewable energy in Europe by using a deployment based on decarbonisation and sustainability.


Jimmy Richards, Senior Key Account Manager for the UK market, said: "GCL SI's approach towards renewable energy goes further than product supplying. We do not only aim to meet the client's demands with highly efficient panels, but we ensure that net zero is achieved from row material to energy delivery".