GCL SI Combines High-performance Solar Solutions with Environmental Integration


28th March 2024, Lisbon/ GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCLSI), a one-stop energy solution provider, presents the latest solar solutions and discusses biodiversity best practices at the Large-Scale Solar Conference held in Portugal from 26th to 27th March.



GCL SI, a pioneer in the global PV industry with a transparent and vertically integrated supply chain, participated as a Platinum sponsor in the 12th Large Scale Solar Summit organized by Solar Media in Lisbon. The company, steadfast in its dedication to innovation and sustainability, has demonstrated its position as a leader in solar module technology, while practicing the biodiversity strategies.


Vitor Rodrigues, Technical Director for Iberia and Latin America at GCL SI, delivered a compelling presentation on technology advancement, traceability and decarbonized manufacturing. Vitor detailed how GCL SI guarantees the reliability of large-scale modules through the optimization of material and structural design. Additionally, Vitor provided insights into the cell technology within the PV sector that are projected to become mainstream in the upcoming years.


What is highlighted in Vitor’s presentation was the recent milestone achieved by GCL in innovating Perovskite module, a technology that lowers the production cost by 50% and increases power generation by 20% compared to silicon-based solar module. GCL currently holds the world record for the efficiency of large-scale Perovskite modules at 19.04%.


In his closing remarks, Vitor Rodrigues introduced GCL SI’s latest solution to address carbon footprint of its module products, enabling clients to trace the module across the entire manufacturing process from raw material to end product by simply scanning a QR code provided with each module. He stated, “GCL vertically integrated value chain manufacturing includes FBR technology for granular silicon reducing CO2 emissions by 74%.”


Michael Birch, Senior Account Manager for Spain and Portugal at GCL SI, was a panelist on the topic of “Biodiversity in Large Scale Solar Plants” during the event. His more than 15 years of expertise in the renewable energy sector allowed him to bring insightful content to the discussion on the best practices, legislations, and solutions of biodiversity. Michael illustrated how GCL SI’s recent floating project on La Palma Island in Spain serves as an example of a PV biodiversity solution. This project avoids the use of agricultural land for solar installations, reduces water evaporation, and safeguards underwater flora.


As expected, Agrivoltaics was a key topic of the discussion. Michael emphasized, “Adhering to our slogan ‘Bringing green power to life”, we are signifying our goal to positively influence everyday life by constant innovation in solutions to agrivoltaics, fishery PV, and more. The rivalry between solar projects and land transforms into a collaboration through the concept of agrivoltaics, where solar energy generation and agriculture coexist harmoniously.”



The attendees took away a clear message from GCL SI’s active presence at the conference: the company’s commitment to fostering and developing renewable energy in Europe through a decarbonized and environmental deployment.